Look good. Do good. At “haf” the price.

The world’s first marketplace focused on sustainability through returns.

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Not just another marketplace.
Shop the best brands, sustainably.
Get access to the latest trending products, from the most popular brands, that are not overstock items or second-hand goods. Products on Hafback are new-in-box, in-process returns that get shipped directly to you (instead of the landfill). Better for the environment. Better for your wallet.
What you get with Hafback
No more rummaging through used items at your local thrift shop.
By purchasing “in process returns” on Hafback, you get all the benefits and protections of buying directly from the brands you trust while eliminating the need for products to return to the seller. This gets you deep discounts (think open box on steroids), cuts carbon emissions, and reduces the number of products that end up in landfills.
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